Careers Aplenty

Submitted by: Les Balick, CCC Volunteer Career Coach

Whether you are moving into the twilight of your working life or a newborn paid employee just scratching the surface of your talent potential, the world of careers has blossomed into never seen before uniquenesses. As you look for your next assignment or career “correction,” it is essential that you, or through the aid of someone who can help unwrap your “buried” skills, better understand what makes you special and separated from everyone else in what you were created to do in serving the next business and their customers or clients.

All of us have some specialties that were either recognized at an early age and nourished or simply ignored as having less financial reward potential. In any case, those talents today, if revealed and embraced, should be on the top of “your dance card” as you view the hundreds of job openings that have suddenly sprung open in the last year. Many of the positions need hands-on talent to fill empty seats that are hurting operations that cannot keep up with growing demands for their products or services. You may be the star that they need to complete their bench strength or add to their diminishing capacity. Rather than assuming that the “right” job is keeping you from contributing to the economy and developing an income stream, reevaluate your stance to take on the challenge that may be the “real’ you.

Thousands of jobs today recognize that specialized training has been lost for decades to fill key and important roles in a variety of industries. Trust in your specialty, even if it has been secluded and lost in the past. It’s your time to act, and act you must! The careers are, indeed, aplenty.

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