Continue to “Dig In” During Your Job Search!

Submitted by Les Balick, CCC Volunteer Career Coach

The New Year has arrived, bringing with it hopes for a better job and position opportunities. While not even the economic gurus can predict ongoing business growth, my “tea leaves” indicate that companies are already recognizing new expenditure plans. Many have already taken that tact, and are moving forward with expansions, capital investments, and competitive hiring. In fact, thousands of job openings are remaining unfilled due to the lack of talent applying for them. Our general workforce today has failed to recognize that “blue-collar” and hands-on positions are creating earnings that often reach six-digit incomes, with ample and foreseeable workloads well into the future.

And, what about you as you attack and plan for your next position and career change? How are you investigating, through the many media options, what industries and companies specifically are doing in our area (or in your selected geographies) to grow and find the right talent? But, you must be clear about your total talents, including some left behind as you moved on in various or continuing careers. And, of course, if you know how to create a plan, please execute it, in detail, to meet your target date for employment. We at the CCC can help you with this if you’re planning skills have taken a back seat. Your clarity and optimism about 2018 should remain high as you dig in! And, dig in you must!

“Success doesn’t come to you … You go to it.”  Marva Collins

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