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Executive Networking Group (ENG) is for mid to senior-level professionals looking to interact and network with your peers in job search, seeking leadership skills or professional development support.  Through shared experiences, support, and contacts,  ENG members will build professional relationships as they connect with others. Sometimes we’ll push you, sometimes we’ll challenge you, but always, we will be positive so that you can leave with more knowledge and skills to help you grow and develop during these challenging times.

Executive Networking Group is led by Kimberly White, CNC Executive Director, and meets the first three Thursdays of each month from 8:00-9:15 am.  The first and third Thursdays will focus on Networking, Strategies, and Trends and the second Thursday, a guest presenter will share their knowledge on a variety of career/professional development topics. 

ENG Membership (see below) is required or if you would like to attend one session ($10), contact a CNC staff member.

Networking, Strategy and Trends

The goal for Executive Networking Group is to help make the other 39 hours of your weekly job search more productive. The meeting will focus on helping you land that next great job sooner, through networking and group problem-solving. Come prepared to share an update on your search and ask questions about issues you are facing.

Additionally,  attendees will learn more on the dramatically changing workplace, technology, staying motivated while working from home, attitude, and develop their skill sets and knowledge.   


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