Get Your Questions Answered

Q & A with Human Resources (HR) is held the 1st Wednesday of each month from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and led by Career Coach, Cathy Giacobbe.  This webinar is FREE and OPEN TO ALL and requires Pre-registration. 

In this world of Job Search, it is important to highlight your skills so that you stand out to recruiters, hiring managers and employers.  Each month, join this interactive session with Cathy and her guest speaker (Hiring Manager, Recruiter, and more) as they share their expertise and knowledge around current trends in the job market, tips on how to maximize one’s career potential, strategies on how to stand out, and answer any questions around interviewing and hiring.

Job Search Trends

Current job search trends include baby-boomers retiring, virtual interviewing, social recruiting, use of mobile devices, working from home, video resume, and many others.  “Ask” HR  what they see as current trends in the job market.

Career Potential

Maximizing your career potential is very important when you are in job search. Focus on setting career goals, continuous learning, networking, attending webinars, meeting with a mentor or career coach. “Ask” HR  to suggest a few of their own.

Stand Out From Others

There are a number of ways to stand out from others during an interview. Research the company and position you are applying for, have a presence on social media, customize your resume to align with the job position, show how you can solve problems, and what you can do for the company.  “Ask” HR for additional tips. 

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