Help You Reach Your Career Potential?

SUCCESS SKILLS SERIES | Four weeks | $50

Facilitator: Cathy Giacobbe, CNC Career Coach

Visit the CNC calendar for upcoming dates and to pay/register.

Payment is due at the time of your first workshop series registration.

OBJECTIVE/GOAL: The Success Skills Series will help you reach your career potential by focusing on the soft skills that employers look for when hiring new talent for their team.

It’s not just about your experience, resume, or whom you know. How successful you are during a job search, at work, and in life has to do with how you present yourself to others through attitude/image, self-management, interacting with others, and your brand.

EXPECTATIONS: Participants must commit to attending all four Success Skills sessions in consecutive order.

Session 1

Attitude & Image:

Behaviors | Impressions | Presencens

Session 2

Self Management:

Self-Care | Priorities | Goals

Session 3

Interacting with Others:

Communicate | Collaborate | Teamwork

Session 4

Your Personal Brand:

Leadership | Ethics | Value

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